Joanna: A Story of Love and Betrayal

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J. Tucker White, Professional Writing major at Taylor University, Upland, IN.



Joanna: A Story of Love and Betrayal


Gene Everett Weatherly


Elk Lake Publishing Inc.

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347 Pages


The story follows Joanna, the neglected wife of the manager of King Herod’s palace. Spurned by her husband and kept out of her own child’s life, she leaves to follow Jesus, who healed her child the previous year. She finds herself working in Jesus’ ministry, cooking and managing the supplies of Jesus and His disciples.

Joanna retells many events from Jesus’ ministry from Joanna’s perspective, which provides new context for each story. This book’s back cover says, “Stroll beside Joanna as she walks with Jesus,” and that describes the book very well: it is a stroll. It does not grip the reader but offers a relaxed change of pace. I enjoyed Joanna, but I was rarely eager to return it.

This novel provides a unique look at Jesus’ earthly ministry. Nothing heretical or controversial stands out. Jesus is a character, but when His dialogue and actions don’t come verbatim from Scripture He still sounds just like Jesus. The author gives backstories to the disciples to flesh them out as characters.


3.5 Stars

Suggested Audience

The Christian seeking a fresh look at stories from the Gospels.

Christian Impact

It presents series of stories from the Gospels from a unique perspective and gives interesting context to familiar scenes.

Joanna: A Story of Love & Betrayal

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