Revolution of Values

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Taylor Phillips, a Strategic Communication major at Taylor University in Upland, IN


Revolution of Values


Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove


InterVarsity Press

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173 pages


Can we call ourselves Christians yet disagree with conventional conservative ideals? This is the question that serves as the foundation for Revolution of Values. Upon his assertion that common political beliefs of Christians have strayed from biblical instruction, Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove addresses numerous current social issues such as feminism, immigration, racism, and militarism. Arguing that the positions of the religious Right influenced America’s Christians to interpret Scripture falsely, Wilson-Hartgrove writes with the intent of debunking widespread biblical myths that cater to a political platform and serve to label those who reject it as anti-Christian. Through anecdotes from individuals of marginalized groups, he brings light to voices infrequently heard among the dialogue of the powerful.

Though often not as impartial as he claims to be, Wilson-Hartgrove presents an array of new perspectives on issues often viewed as only two-sided. His reassessment of political matters such as what it means to claim to love our neighbors while addressing illegal immigration are thought-provoking and insightful. It calls all readers to answer difficult but necessary questions about the origin of their beliefs, whether they are guided by Scripture itself or impressions of it.


5 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

Revolution of Values is a perfect read for anyone interested in political belief and current events. Though sometimes offering challenging opinions, the book is great for those who enjoy learning about alternative perspectives. Younger audiences may find value in Wilson-Hartgrove’s opinions as they develop their positions.

Christian Impact

Wilson-Hartgrove places the foundation of his arguments on biblical teachings, frequently citing Scripture as evidence and developing positions in the context of what it means to live a Christian life.

Revolution of Values: Reclaiming Public Faith for the Common Good

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