Sacred Endurance

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Sacred Endurance


Trillia J. Newbell


InterVarsity Press

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178 pages


There are many challenges to running the race of the Christian life, and the road is often rough. It’s tempting to slow down, to lose heart, to leave the track. Trillia Newbell’s Sacred Endurance inspires readers to endure through scriptural disciplines and truths.

Newbell explores many aspects of endurance: casting off sin, rejecting the self-centeredness of legalism, remembering that others run alongside us, seeking Christ’s comfort in the valleys … however, Newbell doesn’t just focus on valleys and heavy struggles. “The Christian life can be lived on valleys and on mountaintops, but it’s mostly walked out on the plains” (p. 167). Apathy and distraction are as dangerous as discouragement. “[God] can become yet another thing on our to-do list rather than the delight and joy of our existence” (p. 167).

Newbell’s messages are strong, but sometimes concepts are explained rather than shown vividly to the reader. It’s clear what the reader should feel, but the writing doesn’t always make that feeling vivid. Still, Newbell’s personal examples add depth and emotion to many of her points, and she grounds her concepts in Scripture. The writing is clear, honest, and practical.

Ultimately, Sacred Endurance inspires, but it isn’t inspirational fluff. It’s about discipline and perseverance, but it’s not about grinding away in misery. That fixation on the finish line—on the delight of loving Christ—is the heart of Newbell’s book. Rather than a self-help pep talk, Newbell cultivates a lasting motivation, one that will see Christians through the marathon of life. Whether you’re walking through the mountains, valleys, or plains, that’s a message worth reading.



4 stars

Suggested Audience

Christians in any walk of life.

Christian Impact

Inspires discipline and perseverance.

Sacred Endurance: Finding Grace and Strength for a Lasting Faith

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