Jesus Over Everything: Uncomplicating the Daily Struggle to Put Jesus First

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G. Connor Salter, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University, Upland, IN.


Jesus Over Everything: Uncomplicating the Daily Struggle to Put Jesus First


Lisa Whittle


W Publishing Group (an imprint of Thomas Nelson)

Publication Date:

March 24, 2020




 208 pages


What would happen if we genuinely put Jesus first in our lives? How would that enable us to live healthier, less stressed existences? As a pastor’s kid, Lisa Whittle has seen her share of mistakes people in ministry make when they put themselves instead of Jesus first. She unpacks eight key choices people can make which will lead to more Christ-centered lifestyle, each one a choice to embrace a godly attitude over an unhealthy one:

  • Real over Pretty
  • Love over Judgment
  • Holiness over Freedom
  • Services over Spotlight
  • Steady over Hype
  • Honesty over Hiding
  • Wisdom over Knowledge
  • Commitment over Mood

As she explores each choice, she describes the pain that comes from not making a godly choice and the freedom that comes with choosing Jesus’ standard.

The concept makes this book sound like a self-help manual, but actually Whittle has something deeper in mind. Every choice she describes is a choice to pick something the Bible says Christians should pursue, but which Christians may not immediately understand. It’s difficult at first to see the value of being honest about one’s flaws when it seems so easy to put on a mask and pretend to be perfectly in control. It’s equally difficult to see how aiming for steady discipleship is better than riding whatever train seems to promise quick success. However, Whittle successfully shows that pursuing godly values is important even when they seem counter-intuitive. She talks honestly about the mistakes her own father made in his ministry, and struggles she’s had in her own career, creating a raw but honest conversation with the reader about how much damage Christians can cause if they don’t pursue godly attributes.

A witty, honest look at pursuing a godly lifestyle even when it’s not easy, and the rewards it brings.


Rating (1 to 5 stars)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

Christians seeking a truly Christ-centered life, with an emphasis on how to avoid traps that modern American Christians easily fall into.

Christian Impact

Whittle uses Scripture and personal experience throughout to explain her ideas. Since many times she leans into areas which people don’t think about vices or don’t want to give up to God, this reliance on solid, orthodox Christian teaching is particularly helpful. She builds a sobering case that if readers want to serve Jesus, they need to start by letting him be lord over their lives.

Jesus Over Everything: Uncomplicating the Daily Struggle to Put Jesus First

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