Twice Rescued Child

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Charis Negley from Wilmington, DE, a Professional Writing student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.


Twice Rescued Child


Thomas Graumann with Tricia Goyer


SPCK Publishing

Publication Date:

October 17, 2019


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166 pages


Thomas Graumann escaped the Nazis and propelled himself forward to a life of missionary work. Twice Rescued Child will capture the hearts of those interested in God’s work through those he saves.

This biography follows the life of Thomas Graumann, a Czech boy who was taken away from his home through the Kindertransport (a rescue effort to take Jewish children out of German-dominated countries to British foster homes). The story describes in detail how Thomas was then converted to Christianity by an evangelist and felt a missionary calling for his own life. He felt a calling to the Philippines from God and believed if that’s where God wanted him, there would be a way provided for him to go, even if he didn’t know the language. Following years of training as a nurse, Thomas was given the opportunity of joining an evangelizing effort in the Philippines. After studying Tagalog for five months, he preached the gospel for several years, bringing many to salvation.

This book is very detail-oriented, with much attention to setting, specifically concerning the towns and cities Thomas traveled among throughout his life. This makes for a slower, more careful read. Thomas selected the details and events that would make his life story flow and shine in this book, giving the reader a close, intricate view of his life-long endeavor for Christ.



5 out of 5

Suggested Audience

Christians interested in the life of a missionary, or anyone looking for true stories that leave great impact.

Christian Impact

The main message in this book is evangelism can happen anywhere when those who pursue it reach out to those seeking salvation. There is also great emphasis on listening to God’s calling and trusting that he will open the right doors.

Other Notes

This book contains photographs of Thomas, his friends, and his family members. There are also brief mentions of Hitler’s regime and the Nazis, including the details of Thomas’s family being put to death in concentration camps.

Twice-Rescued Child: The Boy Who Fled the Nazis and Found His Life's Purpose

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