The Bridge to Belle Island

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The Bridge to Belle Island


Julie Klassen


Bethany House Publishers






388 pages


This delightful novel combined elements of mystery, suspense and romance into one book.  It was set in England around 1819, and began with a murder on mainland England. Benjamin Booker, a friend of the murder victim, is enlisted to investigate the matter. The primary suspect, Isabelle Wilder, is a mysterious woman who has not left her little island on the Thames River for many years. Her safe, isolated life on her island comes into question as evidence continues to mount against her. It appears evidence may be a bit contrived.  Yet the confusing nature of it all, and the fact that Benjamin finds himself falling in love with Isabelle, makes solving the murder more difficult. As Benjamin and Isabelle resist their attraction, a second murder complicates the mounting evidence, putting Isabelle in danger.  Until the truth is revealed in a suspenseful, surprise ending, we are kept on our seats.

This book mixed both mystery, suspense and romance, and scored high marks with the Christy balloting, earning 9s and 10s….This is definitely a worthy read.


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

High school and above

Christian Impact:

Mention of the Lord is tucked into the story at various points, so it is there.  

The Bridge to Belle Island

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