Freedom in the Mountain Wind

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Cindy Akre, blogger and voracious reader



Freedom in the Mountain Wind


Misty M. Beller






235 pages


Christian impact was strong in this novel, set in the 1830s in future Montana territory.  Susanna Wilkins is determined to fulfill the last wish of her dying father, as the two embark on a journey through the Rocky Mountains where Lewis and Clark had traveled. At first, I truly questioned Susanna’s sanity, as it seemed unrealistic, but it is fiction.  Her father’s failing health was a deterrent to swift travel, and they found themselves stranded as soon as they began.  They were found by a small group of men, one being a Blackfoot Indian named Beaver Tail, who assisted them in crossing the first of the Great Falls. They ended up traveling together the entire journey. The growing bond that developed between Susanna and Beaver Tail was enjoyable. But the author’s development of the relationships between the men and Susanna’s father was truly intriguing. The Christian faith of Susanna and her father both was ever present, and the author uses that in a very impactful way through the entire novel. It was an easy read, engaging the reader the entire time.  And, as unrealistic as it may have seemed at the outset, it had a solid message to it that was delightful.


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High school through adult

Christian Impact:

This was one of the more solidly “Christian” novels I have read. It was not a long read, but it had many redeeming qualities.

Freedom in the Mountain Wind

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