Lifelong Leadership: Woven Together through Mentoring Communities

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G. Connor Salter, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University, Upland, IN.


Lifelong Leadership: Woven Together through Mentoring Communities


MaryKate Morse



Publication Date:

May 5, 2020




240 pages


One of the greatest tools for developing spiritually is seeking older Christians who can provide advice and mentorship. For many ministry leaders through, finding older mentors is difficult, especially in church cultures that create “ministry superstars” who have all the special abilities. MaryKate Morse argues that this is one reason that many ministry leaders fall in dramatic ways. She describes a mentoring model developed by Leighton Ford that creates small communities where leaders meet with each other several times a year, building relationships that allow for accountability and mutual growth. As she outlines what these communities can look like, she also explains how they fill certain spiritual needs.

Morse’s ideas arguably should only be one form of spiritual mentorship that Christian leaders should pursue; having people nearby they can seek advice from and who hold them accountable on a day-to-day basis is also important. Recognizing that this model isn’t a substitute for all forms of Christian community and discipleship, she clearly shows how this model fills a particular need. Throughout her explanation, she balances practical and spiritual concerns, making it clear that the mentoring community model works in practice as well as in theory. When it comes to explaining the communities’ structure, she gives enough details for people to use the model but leaves her outline broad enough that people can adapt it to the needs of many different communities.

The book’s one downside is that Morse’s writing style is a little flat, just this side of impersonal. This means that though her ideas are great, it can be a little hard to read the book at times. In particular, the moments where she shares personal details – such as her testimony or how much Leighton Ford has mentored her – don’t quite have the personal touch she’s aiming for. However, the writing style isn’t so flat as to make the book unreadable.

An informative look at a highly important topic.


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4 stars

Suggested Audience

Christian leaders seeking to understand the need for mentoring and how to develop mentoring communities.Christian Impact

Christian Impact

Morse highlights the communal aspect of Christianity and the need for trust and spiritual development over time, all concepts that create healthy ministry leaders.

Lifelong Leadership: Woven Together Through Mentoring Communities


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