Walking Through Fire

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Walking Through Fire


Vaneetha Rendall Risner


Nelson Books

Publication Date:

Jan. 19, 2020


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265 pages


After contracting polio as a child, living in and out of the hospital for ten years, suffering bullying throughout school, going through four miscarriages and the death of her son, being diagnosed with post-polio syndrome, and being betrayed and left by her husband, many would wonder how Vaneetha Risner has a heart so full of joy.

In a Job-like narrative, Risner shares her life and testimony, living proof that suffering can lead to a beautiful place full of God’s abundance for the ones he treasures. Through storytelling and reflection, Risner brings light to eternity, and that this life’s suffering is only for a time. Risner’s path to intimacy with Christ proved to be full of pain and trials, but every time she asked God for the strength to persist, she became filled with his unfathomable peace. This memoir is a stunning piece of writing that beautifully tells of God’s ultimate design and unfailing faithfulness.

In Risner’s words, “Life is a journey, yes, but only if there’s a destination. I’m on my way to my father’s house, and I absolutely cannot wait for the party. When I get there, I will jog, run, sprint, race, and finally leap into the arms of my savior.”


5 out of 5

Suggested Audience

Anyone going through trials of their own, those seeking what true intimacy with God looks like, and those looking for an all-around-inspiring story of a sister in Christ would enjoy this memoir.

Christian Impact:

In the end, Risner always makes sure that her story centers around God and not herself. Risner’s life is a wonderful picture of how God uses suffering to draw the ones he loves closer to him. Speckled throughout with Risner’s journal entries, prayers, and verses she found precious, Walking Through Fire is a masterpiece of beauty that shows what joys can ultimately be found in this life through Christ’s redemption.

Other Notes

“Held,” a popular Christian song written by Christa Wells and performed by Natalie Grant, was inspired by Risner’s story of losing her infant son. The lyrics are included at the end of the book.

Walking Through Fire: A Memoir of Loss and Redemption

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