My vertical neighborhood: How strangers became a community

Reviewed by:

Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long time book discussion leader



My vertical neighborhood


Lynda MacGibbon








146 pages


MacGibbon’s book, subtitled How strangers became a community, could be a field guide to loving your neighbor whether in an urban apartment setting such as the one in which MacGibbon herself lived or any other neighborhood in our world. Her stories are heartwarming, displaying how she lived out the command to love our neighbor. 

Lynda’s neighbors-Anna and Ron, Brian, Yolanda and Luka, Rachel, Nicolai-in many ways couldn’t have been more different yet they all became as family to the author and to each other. But no different than the disparity we might find in our own neighborhoods. Did they all come to Christ because of their relationship with Lynda? No, but did they all see Christ’s love displayed again and again through dinners, writing groups, Bible studies, late night discussions and acts of love and kindness. Yes, over and over. 

This is a book that you might read in one sitting, the stories are so compelling. Or you might reread it several times to glean all it has to offer. However your approach, don’t miss it!



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Suggested Audience:

Anyone interested in ways to change their neighborhood into a community

Christian Impact:

Lynda’s motivation throughout is her strong faith and desire to liove her neighbors as her Lord does.

My Vertical Neighborhood: How Strangers Became a Community

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