The Sugarcreek Surprise

Reviewed by:

Edna Johnson of Faith Baptist Church, Winfield IL


The Sugarcreek Surprise (Volume 2) (Creektown Discoveries)


Wanda Brunstetter



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313 pages


Lisa Miller survived a car crash that killed her father, mother and brother. She tries to bury all of her past but because of her losses she is afraid to love, afraid she will lose the one she loves. She commits herself to being the best Amish schoolteacher possible but then a man arrives from her old community. Lisa finds herself the object of admiration from this newcomer, Paul Herchberger. Paul does not reveal that he already knew Lisa in the past. He is concerned for her fragile state so keeps his identity to himself, praying about his relationship to Lisa and her closed heart. But will she be able to forgive him for secrets held. Does their relationship have a future? I recommend this as a good Amish story.


4 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Late teens and up

Christian impact:

Christian impact is very good.

The Sugarcreek Surprise

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