Roots Reawakened

Reviewed by:

Denise Roberts, church librarian, and member of the ECLA board



Roots Reawakened (Roots Run Deep)


Tracy Michelle Sellars


Cross River

Media Date:

September 14, 2021




205 pages


This story begins in England during the spring of 1890. Within the first several pages, the story captivates the reader with hope, death, and the realization that life does now always go as one would anticipate. Justine Davidson must learn that often things are not as they appear. Excited that her husband is finally returning home, she is anxious to tell him of the baby they will have in the fall. However, Justine never has the opportunity to tell her husband because he is killed, and very shortly after this, she loses the baby. Wanting to make a change for herself, Justine decides to go to America and, from here on, chooses not to see God’s providence in her life.

While I believe the storyline is excellent, and the complicated issues of faith, forgiveness, and repentance are all written into her journey, I did not appreciate the fragmented style of writing used to describe new scenes and characters. I had to stop and figure out who was who too many times to enjoy the plot-line.

This book is the first of a three-book series. The message is excellent and will be a blessing as well as provide strong Biblical lessons for the reader. If you enjoy this style of genre, you will not be disappointed.


3 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Readers of historical fiction, or those interested in writing that contains a strong Christian message.

Christian impact:

While I was not enamored with this style of writing, the message of love, forgiveness, mercy and the bigger picture of God’s plan was firmly established in the story line.

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