The Discerning Life: An Invitation to Notice God in Everything

Reviewed by:

Julie-Allyson Ieron, Author/Conference Speaker/Worship Minister

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Book Title:

The Discerning Life: An Invitation to Notice God in Everything


Stephen A. Macchia


Zondervan Reflective

Publication Date: 

March 2022




320 pp.


Stephen Macchia is known in spiritual formation circles as a leader of leaders. The premise of this, his tenth book, is that God is active and knowable in every encounter of our lives … if we would but recognize Him. The key line that explains this premise is: “Practicing a preference for God–noticing God in everything–is the essence of spiritual discernment and the pathway to a discerning life.”

What follows is a fleshing out of how and why and where to discern God’s hand in practical, everyday living. His observations ring true in moments when God seems to shout His will, and in the more frequent times when we need to listen intently for His still, small voice to impart insight.

Macchia uses down-to-earth examples to illustrate complex biblical truth. He writes in an engaging style. I read quickly to prepare for this review. However, I intend to keep this book in my permanent collection and savor each chapter slowly, as it helps me learn to know my loving Father more fully each day.




Suggested Audience: 

New and long-time Christ followers who desire to discern more of Him in daily life.

Christian Impact: 

The author shows us how to “tune out the many distractions demanding our attention and daily practice a preference for God.”

Other Notes:

I loved this book. I found myself wanting to highlight every sentence to remember and internalize its truths.

The Discerning Life: An Invitation to Notice God in Everything

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