Enchanting the heiress

Reviewed by:

Beth Swanson, voracious reader


Enchanting the heiress (Hearts on the heath)


Kristi Ann Hunter


Bethany House







359 pages


Enchanting the heiress is all about hopes and dreams. Our story begins in 1817 England. The main character, Miss Harriet Hancock,  liked to manipulate people to bring them together and allow them to achieve their dreams. She believes we need hope in our lives. When it comes to herself she is not so forthcoming and keeps most people at arm’s length. But when a close friends asks for help in a personal way, she can’t say no. Friendships are formed in many unexpected classes of people with her mantra of never giving up on our hopes and dreams.

Jonas Fitzroy, a local stable hand,  would do anything for his twin sister. Anything even if it involves Harriet Hancock, a woman he finds to be meddling.  The last thing he expects is a request for his help in writing a book. Sure that Harriet has an underlying motive, he agrees. But, of course, as they work together, friendship forms.

But Harriets’ plans do not always come to fruition as she hopes-will she get another chance with Jonas?



5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Adults and young adults

Christian impact:

Many references to Bible reading to fit in or impact our daily lives.


Enchanting the Heiress (Hearts on the Heath, #3)



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