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Beth Swanson, voracious reader


Sunburst (Sky King Ranch) 


Susan May Warren








353 pages


Three brothers grew up in Alaska all going separately to serve their country. Read about their daring risks to save one brother from the Nigerian jungle, running to save their lives after being captured several times. Among the hostages as they attempt this rescue is a woman that former Navy SEAL Ranger Kingston knows and has never forgotten. Ranger might be able to deliver this rescue but getting out of Nigeria alive is posing some problems. The solution: he and Noemi Sutton (the woman who haunts his memory) will pose as husband and wife. But Noemi’s uncle insists on a traditional Nigerian wedding which will tie Noemi and Ranger together forever.  Noemi also discovers the reason she was kidnapped and it will impact and put in danger anyone she cares about. Now she has to conceive a plan to leave this man that she loves to save her life and his.

Lots of fast paced adventure, suspense, romance and doubts. God is central to our lives even when we think He has abandoned us.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:


Christian impact:

God died because He loved us all and some people will do that for the love of another.


Sunburst (Sky King Ranch #2)


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