Count the night by stars

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Edna Johnson of Faith Baptist, Winfield


Count the night by stars


Michelle Shockley



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381 pages


Count your nights by stars, not shadows. Count your life with smiles, not tears.

Phyllis Nichols is a wealthy, forward thinking woman whose parents desire that she makes a good marriage which means someone with money. She suspects her future mate, the one they have chosen, may be luring young women into prostitution. Phyllis is accompanied to the Tennessee Centennial Exposition by Luca Moretti, an Italian immigrant, and his sister and discovers this is the kind of man she wants to love.

Fast forward sixty years and Audrey Whitfield and her father are managing the Maxwell House Hotel which houses mostly residential folks. Phyllis Nichols is living there as a recluse. When a stroke puts her in the hospital, Audrey must go through her possessions and ends up finding a scrapbook of memories. A young, future lawyer residing there for a time, helps Audrey unlock the keys from Phyllis’ past.

I did not particularly care for the book. Although it was interesting in part there was too much mention of prostitution for my taste. Church librarians should read the book to determine if they want it in their church library.


3 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Adult audience

Christian impact:

There is not a lot of Christian impact in this book except for the ending.

Count the Nights by Stars

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