In search of a prince

Reviewed by:

Edna Johnson of Faith Baptist in Winfield, IL


In search of a prince: An African American Royalty Romance Book (Christian Fiction by Black Authors)


Toni Shiloh


Bethany House

Publication date:





368 pages


Brielle Adebayo of New York is quite content in her career as a teacher until her mother informs her that she is actually a princess of an island off the coast of Africa. Her grandfather, the king, is dying and wants her to return to become queen. She flies to the island to determine if this is what she really wants for her life and finds she is required to be married before her grandfather dies. Does she really want the throne? Is it worth rushing into a marriage? How can she make the right decision in picking the man she will spend her life with?

I really enjoyed this book. It was a different genre from what I generally read and I highly recommend it.



5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Late teens to adults, particularly anyone who is interested in royalty

Christian impact:

Sincere trust in God and the importance of a daily walk with Him.

In Search of a Prince

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