The Bible convictions of John Wycliffe 

Reviewed by:

Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long time book discussion leader



The Bible convictions of John Wycliffe


Steven J. Lawson


Ligonier Ministries

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201 pages


Many know of John Wycliffe in relation to his Bible translation. Lawson describes him to readers as not only a translator but also as a Bible champion, defender, theologian, scholar and preacher. Despite the time he lived in when the Bible itself was not accessible to the people, not even written in the language of the people, John Wycliffe was devoted to the word of God and putting it into the hands of everyone. Quoting Wycliffe, “ Spiritual profit is infinitely better than temporal, and spiritual profit cannot be acquired apart from the teaching of Holy Scripture.” His life and beliefs should inspire modern day Christians.


4 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Particularly those interested in John Wycliffe, his life and convictions

Christian impact:

Time and again as you read this book, you will be impressed by the importance of God’s Word in preaching, especially in bringing the unsaved to Christ.

The Bible Convictions of John Wycliffe

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