Don’t Keep Silent

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Laurel Burgess, a Professional Writing student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.



Don’t Keep Silent (Uncommon Justice, Book Three)


Elizabeth Goddard



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358 pages 


Investigative reporter Rae Burke is searching for a story to fit the shoes that her Pulitzer Prize–winning father left behind.

Former undercover agent Liam McKade struggles to find where he belongs.

Rae and Liam have a past. They had fallen in love while trying to save a woman from human trafficking. It ended with a bullet Liam took for Rae, the end of their careers, and the end of their relationship.

Or was it? They meant to avoid each other. Yet, when Rae’s sister-in-law Zoey Burke goes missing, Rae throws herself head-first into trouble to try to save someone again. She needs Liam’s help—but he might not be ready to trust her again.

Readers who enjoy Hallmark movies with sweet romance and a dash of suspense will enjoy this book’s action: ski resorts, snowmobiling in Wyoming, secret agenting, reporting, and under-cover work. The book also gets into the darker topics of human trafficking, rape, and abuse—handled surprisingly lightly while still showing some of the weight of these topics. There is disability representation as Callie, a child, is on the spectrum. If this is shown well or not is subjective.

There were a few enjoyable moments, but there were times that “easy reading” meant a lack in writing quality. On-the-nose dialogue, telling, characters explaining research because the readers needed to know, along with almost too much conflict were some of the issues I had as a reader.

While this is the third book in the series, it can be read as a standalone. The previous books focused on different main characters, although Liam appeared as a minor side character previously.



4 out of 5

Suggested Audience: 

Fans of Hallmark movies and light suspense. 15 and up. Use discretion with the trigger warnings (see Other Notes, below).

Christian Impact 

Characters pray and think about God occasionally. Liam seems to think his purpose comes from Rae, saving her and being with her, and not in God (although he does pray about what God wants him to do).

Other Notes

Trigger warnings for topics on sex trafficking, rape, death, stalking, and an abusive parental figure (these were glossed over and most of those scenes happened in the past).


Don't Keep Silent (Uncommon Justice, #3)

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