When the meadow blooms

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When the meadow blooms


Ann H. Gabhart




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353 pages


February 1925, tuberculosis was a terrible disease that many never recovered from. A young widowed mother has to leave her two daughters at an orphanage as she recuperates at a sanitarium. She hoped to recover in a few months but the time stretches to two years instead. The struggle of separation and knowing her daughters are in an orphanage takes it toll on everyone.

When reunited, the mother and older daughter remember a long lost relative, an uncle who lived in Soltiva at Meadowland, which sounds like a wonderful retreat, almost like heaven. As they stay at Dirk Meadows’ farm, hope blooms again after so many trials.

But Dirk himself holds his feelings close to his vest. His face is badly scarred from a fire and his heart is scarred as well by the rejection of the woman he loved.

This is a journey of faith, wonder, learning and meeting family and creating new friendships.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Young adults to adults

Christian impact:

Healing is always available to those who believe.

Also includes:

-Sneak peak of the author’s next book




When the Meadow Blooms



When the Meadow Blooms


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