To win a prince

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Beth Swanson, voracious reader


To win a prince


Toni Shiloh



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Fall 2022




360 pages


Iris Blakely has a dream of using her artistic talent and love of fashion to begin a sustainable clothing line that would benefit citizens in poor countries and yet honor the reseources of such countries. But discovering that Ekon Diallo will be her business consultant, that is a hard blow to take. He is not only spoiled but he betrayed her best friend!

But Ekon has lost everything: his money, his title and the respect of his countrymen. Blakely is charismatic and so desirable but he has to keep his heart and not allow himself to be distracted.

In this story, truly two worlds collide. Blakely has a strong Christian faith. Readers will watch as a spoiled rich guy who does not believe, turns his life around, his faith grows and he becomes the man God intends him to be. And, of course, watch romance bloom.


5 out of 5

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Christian impact:

God’s plans are perfect for each of us.

To Win a Prince

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