Hearts of steel

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Beth Swanson, voracious reader


Hearts of steel(#3 Blackstone Legacy)


Elizabeth Camden


Baker Publishing


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334 pages


It is 1890 in New York  and young Maggie Molinaro and her uncle run an ice cream push cart business. After a decade of success, she is the proud owner of an ice cream company and celebrated one at that. Unknowingly she offends a dishonest banker who becomes her greatest enemy. He is filled with jealousy for her success and threatens to undermine all she has accomplished.

That same banker is standing in the way of Liam Blackstone, a successful steel magnate, and threatening to ruin him as well. Standing against a common enemy oftens builds a strong friendship and in this case, romance as well.

This the third book of the Blackstone Legacy but this is a great stand alone read. Read about these two lost souls as they find strength from each other.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Age 16 to adults

Christian impact:

God is all forgiving. He never leaves our side. Reach out to him.

Also includes:

-historical note


-book suggestions



Hearts of Steel (The Blackstone Legacy, #3)



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