Pretty little pieces

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Beth Swanson, voracious reader


Pretty little pieces


Carmen Schober


Bethany House

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336 pages


This story draws the reader in right away. Georgina is a television personality on a design show as well as an influencer and she is in the process of writing a cookbook.  She and her boyfriend Lance, living and working together, have been called the next Chip and Joanna Gaines, everyone expecting them to live happily ever after. Then Lance surprises Georgina with asking for a pause in their relationship.  The phrase “the show must go on” is actually attributed to Shakespeare and this was Georgina’s mantra as well.

With a plan to save her relationship with Lance and her show, Georgina goes into action. Things do get a little messy when her twin sister shows up along with her sister’s problems. How can she put together the broken pieces  of her life?

Pretty little pieces is a story of love and loss and of  refinding God.




Suggested audience:

Age seventeen to adult

Christian impact:

God can get you through anything.





Pretty Little Pieces

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