Enjoying God

Reviewed by: Paige McNinch, a Professional Writing student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.



Book: Enjoying God

Author: R. C. Sproul

Publisher: Baker Books

Publication Date: Septermber 19, 2017 (Reprint Edition)

Format: Print Book

Length: 230 pages


In his book Enjoying God, R. C. Sproul seeks to make a deep knowledge of God accessible to everyone. Writing to the layperson, he covers twelve attributes of God, with topics ranging from the importance of God’s name to the discussion of the third dimension and beyond. Sproul builds from the ground up, starting the book by providing a short overview of the fundamental aspects of what makes God and ending with a closer look at several individual aspects of our Creator. His goal through all of this is to deepen Christians’ fundamental understanding of who God is so we can more fully relate to and enjoy Him. All throughout, Sproul draws not only from Scripture and biblical scholars, but also from his own experiences as a pastor and seminary student.

Sproul did a fantastic job of selecting topics for Enjoying God. If you are looking for a basic introduction to theology and apologetics, I would recommend this book. However, the complex nature of such topics does not lend itself well to something that is easy to read and process. While his writing style is both personal and logical, there were many times I had to reread sections in order to grasp what Sproul was saying. Additionally, there were a handful of metaphors he didn’t bring to an end, which added to the confusion. I read this book while I was also enrolled in a theology class, and I found that the content of the writing reflected and supplemented the course well. If I had not been enrolled in this class, however, I believe it would have been much more difficult to comprehend the content of this book.

As such, I would advise anyone to have a general understanding of basic theology before tackling it. But if you are willing to think deeply and work through the more confusing topics, then Enjoying God serves as a great foundation on which you can build a deeper understanding of who God is.


Rating (1 – 5 stars):


Suggested Audience

Adults that are looking to deepen their knowledge of basic theology and the Christian worldview.

Christian Impact

Sproul assures readers that they are not alone in their search for truth, and he answers questions and writes about topics that many Christians struggle with.


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Enjoying God: Finding Hope in the Attributes of God

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