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Return to the Valley

In each of these Amish romances, the main character questions whether God will bless her with her heart’s desire, a home and husband.

In Wilma’s wish, when her fiancé’s sister dies, he feels responsible to take in his five orphaned nephews. But they don’t take to Wilma at all. Is there a chance for their marriage or will Wilma and Israel have to give up their wedding plans?

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Songs from the Silent Passage

Walter Wangerin, Jr. (1944-2021) wrote many things. He released his first novel, a fantasy based on the Canterbury Tales titled Book of the Dun Cow, in 1978 and won considerable awards for it. Over the next forty-three years he wrote memoirs, poems, novels about Biblical figures, and gave many seminars about writing as a Christian. Here, friends and colleagues give their thoughts on his impressive body of work:

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This is the Church

Starting with the well known children’s rhyme beginning “Here is the church, here is the steeple…”, our narrator then tells us the story is not yet complete. Some churches are huge, some are tiny, some are right in a person’s home. Some churches are even open air! Even underground churches are mentioned and then we find out the church goes where it’s people go! When all is said and done, church is just a word for God’s family.

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The Water Keeper

A reader has said that things are never quite as they seem in a Charles Martin book and The Water Keeper proves that to be true. Take our main character Murph. Where does he get all that money? And why is his boat named Gone Fiction? He has such a calling to rescue girls lost to sex trafficking, leaving the 99 to search for the one. But why are their names tattooed on his back? Is Fingers real…or not? Is he a priest or are those credentials just to give him access? Lots of questions and after reading the book, you might still be pondering the answers.

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