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Light From Distant Stars

Finding his father’s lifeless body in their family’s funeral
home drives Cohen Marah to face a terrifying question: did he cause his
father’s death?

The days that follow, with his father on life support,
connect Cohen to memories of his troubled childhood and relationship with his
father growing up. He relives his father’s affair, his parents’ divorce,
watching his father succumb to alcoholism.

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Unashamed: Healing our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame

Shame. We can’t vacuum it up. We can’t diet it away. We can’t even hide it behind our smiles, our performance, or our relationships. It can always be there for many people. In Heather Davis Nelson’s book, Unashamed, the author tackles head-on the issue of shame by offering a biblical perspective focused on community bonding and mutual forgiveness.

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