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(Book review) THE POETIC SCRIPTURES OF JOHN: God’s Word in Rhythm and Rhyme

Michael D. Wester has created something unique with his book, The Poetic Scriptures of John: God’s Word in Rhythm and Rhyme. It is a collection of five biblical books, originally penned by John the Apostle, rewritten as poetry.

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(Book review) Poetry of a Dysfunctional Family

In Poetry of a Dysfunctional Family, Gott and his brother Gerald explore themes of love, healing, and forgiveness, acknowledging that only the Lord can restore what has been broken. The authors use a mix of prose and poetry to share their lives with readers, in hopes they will find encouragement and hope.

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(Book Review) Finding Home

For many of us, a long drive through the American heartland whispers “home.” From the spring rain falling over the Kentucky bluegrass to the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains, we are chased by echoes of beauty and dreams of a simpler time. In this book, Finch aims to capture that wonder through his poetry on subjects ranging from nature and home to history and love.

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