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(Book review) Finding Success with Your Dream Writing Projects

Reviewed by: Michelle Kinder, a freelance writer based in Greenwood, Indiana Introduction Title: Finding Success with Your Dream Writing Projects Author: Dennis E. Hensley with Diana Savage Publication Date: February 2017 Format: Print book Length: 248 pages OVERVIEW In this world there are theorists and there are practitioners, and Dr. Dennis E. Hensley definitely is a practitioner. This man […]

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Growing Spiritually Through Writing (and Reading!)

That I never know what I think until I write it out is not a new idea. Joan Didion said as much. As did Flannery O’Connor. As did scores of other writers.

Though I’ve accepted this as truth—that I needed to sit at my laptop and plunk out words and then sentences for thoughts to emerge, to roll around, to take shape—for nearly as long as I’ve been writing, it’s just been in the past few years that I’ve come to realize this: I don’t really even—well, hardly, even—believe what I believe about God until I write it down.

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