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Counter CultureReviewed by: Marshall Oppel, professional writing major at Taylor University



Title: Counter Culture: A Compassionate Call to Counter Culture in a World of Poverty, Same-Sex Marriage, Racism, Sex Slavery, Immigration, Abortion, Persecution, Orphans and Pornography

Author: David Platt

Publisher: Tyndale

Publication Date: Feb 2015

Format: Print Book

Length: 256 Pages


Counter Culture is a call to Christians and all faith-based people to step away from the way the world is doing things. Platt claims that the world’s obsession with pornography, with same-sex marriage, with racism and sex slavery, and with abortion should be viewed the same way people view wars, poverty, persecution and forced exile, and the neglect of orphans and widows. That is, Platt argues that people with high morals need to stand up and fight for what the Bible says is right, not what contemporary culture says is right. This book is very much in-the-face of readers, challenging people to assess their levels of commitment to causes that are relevant, controversial, and truly worthy of attention and action. The author forces individuals to assess whether they have strong convictions or are just giving lip service to worthy missions and moral standings.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

I recommend this particularly to Christians from their mid-teens to adulthood or anyone who is a new Christian or still wondering what God wants from them.

Christian Impact

The Christian impact this book has is obvious – it calls us actually to act like what we label ourselves: followers of the teachings of Christ. I’d call this a must read book. The only issue I could possibly cite is its intensity, but without that I believe it would be a much weaker book. The book lays out powerful truths in a very straight forward manner, and it will hugely assist anyone trying to work through becoming a more forthright Christian.

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Counter Culture: Following Christ in an Anti-Christian Age

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