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Twice a Slave

American slavery is a sensitive subject, and few people know that African-Americans were not the only people sold as slaves. Twice A Slave is about one of those people: Joseph Willis (1748-1854), a preacher who planted many of the first Baptist churches in Louisiana.

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Counter Culture

Counter Culture is a call to Christians and all faith-based people to step away from the way the world is doing things.

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Row For Freedom

(Book review) Row for Freedom: Crossing an Ocean in Search of Hope, by Julia Immonen with Craig Borlase

The book, written by Julia, was a personal story of her Atlanta row in 2012 to Barbados. An action-packed novel with many details of the journey with her and her team of 4 other women, it was one of those more difficult to put down. There was constant action both on and off the water when she also shared her journey prior to the row and the difficulties of her home life. Sometimes I felt it was overworked with those family details, yet the background does give you a perspective on the obstacles she worked to overcome on her voyage.

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