The Golden Vial: Book Three of Legends of the Realm

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TitleThe Golden Vial: Book Three of Legends of the Realm

AuthorThomas Locke

Publisher: Revell

Publication Date 2018

FormatPrint book

Length:293 pages


Dally is just a normal village servant—with untold magical powers.

In the third book of the Legends of the Realm series, the realm is under attack by dark forces, and the protagonist of the first two books is laid low with a deadly illness. In search of help, the queens of the humans and elves seek out an unknown village girl who has connected with the human queen in her dreams. This girl, Dally, joins the fight to rescue her home valley from the forces of darkness. But it doesn’t end there. She must ally herself with unfamiliar races, a majestic dragon, and other mages in order to travel across the realm, rescue the golden vial, and bring healing to her home. In the meantime, Dally struggles with her identity, trying to reconcile her former life as an orphan servant girl with her current role as a powerful mage with the fate of the realm in her hands. If she and her comrades do not succeed, their home will be destroyed.

With an intriguing magic system, battles between good and evil, and charming characters, this book is a breeze to read. Fans of Tolkien or Donita K. Paul are sure to enjoy this tale. Though some parts are confusing without having read the first two books, it is enjoyable on its own.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

The content is remarkably clean. The pure, simple tone is specifically ideal for a young adult audience with an interest in fantasy, but will also appeal to older and younger readers.

Christian Impact

There are no overt Christian messages, but there is a clear distinction between good and evil, and the content is refreshingly free of gore and suggestive content often present in fantasy. However, some Christians might not approve of the use of magic and spells.


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The Golden Vial (Legends of the Realm, #3)

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