True to you

Reviewed by: Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long time book discussion leader



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True to you       

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Becky Wade

Publisher or Studio:

Thorndike Press

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367 pages


True to you starts out a little light.  Readers might think it a romance and no more. But the story has a depth that enhances the relationship of two unlikely subjects.

Genealogist Nora Bradford went through a difficult break up several years ago so when she meets John Lawson, a former Navy Seal and famous in his own right with a book and movie about his life, she feels anything but attractive and appealing. John has a steady girlfriend but finds quirky yet intense Nora a breath of fresh air as they spend time together looking for his birth mother.

John has a serious medical condition causing him to make this search. Yet when he meets his biological mother, a strange twist of fate causes a link between his birth and the death of Nora’s mother. The reader will be stunned. How can God bring about good through this and in their relationship? Just watch Him!

The truth may hurt at times but as believers we know that the truth will set us free as it does in True to you.


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

Fans of Christian fiction, Christian romance and award winners.

Christian Impact:

Truth is a very important aspect of this book, truth in relationships, with others and even yourself and, of course with God, who is truth Himself, as well.

Other Notes (Optional):

Includes book discussion questions.

True to you was the Christy Award Book of the Year for 2018!


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True to You

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