Jesus wins: The good news of the end times

Reviewed by: Ceil Carey, retired librarian and long time book discussion leader



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Jesus wins: The good news of the end times

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Dayton Hartman

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Lexham Press

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91 pages


This small book is packed with information on the end times, the various schools of thought on the end times and what should be most important to a Christian, thus the title, Jesus Wins. Containing a plethora of endnotes and suggested reading, it could almost be described as a prelude to other readings on the same subject. It whets your appetite for more information on amillennialism, postmillennialism, historic postmillennialism and dispensationalism. Filled with charts and blurbs of additional information, such as short descriptions of famous personages, the author also throws in many pop culture references, making Jesus Wins, up to date and very current.

Hartman’s main contention is that Christians must follow Scripture and live our lives for Christ, obeying Him. We must live in love with others whose opinions on millennialism clash with ours and continue to remember, that Jesus wins!


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Suggested Audience:

Anyone interested in the end times.

Christian Impact:

The realization that ultimately Jesus wins should not only be a comfort t Christians but should be their impetus to live righteously for Christ.

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Suggested reading
The Athanasian creed



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Jesus Wins: The Good News of the End Times

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  1. sounds good, of course Jesus reaches out to all who love, as it’s love that endures, amen

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