Lowlands of Scotland Series

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Virginia Peterson, former church librarian, Rochester, N.Y.


Lowlands of Scotland Series

1 – Thorn in my heart

2 – Fair is the rose

3 – Whence comes a prince

4 – Grace in thine eyes

Author or Producer:

Liz Curtis Higgs

Publisher or Studio:


Publication or Release Date:

2003 – 2006


print, ebook, audio


about 400-500+ pages each


Rich in historical detail, this fiction series set in the late 1700s in Galloway on the southwest coast of Scotland gives a satisfyingly long, immersive read. Loosely based on the story of Jacob and Esau in the Old Testament, the first three volumes follow the story of Jamie McKie as he tricks his brother of his inheritance, flees to his uncle’s farm, marries, and eventually returns home. The fourth volume happens some years later and revolves around the experiences of his now nearly grown children, particularly his daughter Davina, a locally well-known fiddler.

It is evident that the author has done a lot of research in Scottish history, churches, language, social customs, and folklore, and most of the locations mentioned are real places. As the first three books only cover a few years in time, there is a lot of detail given in the various scenes and interactions between the characters. As such, there is no real pause in the story among the first three volumes, but the fourth could be read on its own, though one would be missing the previously developed background of the main characters.


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

Older teens and adults who like historical fiction.

Christian Impact:

Some of the themes emphasized are repentance, forgiveness, honesty, faithfulness in following God’s direction, and willingness to suffer for doing right.

Other Notes (Optional):

The third book won the Christy award in 2006, and the fourth was a finalist in 2007.

Thorn in My Heart

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