They Called Us Love

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they Called us Love


Deborah Meroff


Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge

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159 pages


This is the story of April Holden and how she helped the street children (mainly boys) of Africa.  She gave her life to Jesus at the age of seven and knew from then on that she would be a missionary and help people.  April had health issues from the beginning, but nothing held her back.

April helped put together four different homes for the homeless children in different parts of Africa. Even when she was forced to leave the country because of war and rebellion, she helped from the States until she went back to Africa.   All the stories of the children that are told throughout the book are very moving.  It makes you believe in miracles.


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Suggested Audience:  

Middle teen through adult.

Christian Impact: 

All the children’s stories are very moving and inspiring.

Other Notes:  

Well written and an easy read.

They Called Us Love: The Story of April Holden and Africa's Street Children

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