The Escape

Reviewed By:

Pamela Berndt

Church Name:

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, 2011 – 10th Street South, Wisconsin Rapids, WI  54494


Book Title:

The Escape


Lisa Harris


Revell Publication




Print Paperback

Book Length:

325 pages


Two US Marshals are transporting prisoners by plane. After the plane crashes, one of the prisoners escapes. The prisoner evades the marshals repeatedly, and the chase continues.  Both marshals have past experiences that they are working to come to terms with during the search.



5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

young adults and older

Christian Impact:

Minimal, I was disappointed at that. Although there were plenty of opportunities to include a Christian theme (prayer, etc.), it was only mentioned a handful of times.

Other Notes: 

Good book, kept my attention, could have included more of a Christian theme.

The Escape (US Marshals, #1)

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