An Uncommon Woman



An Uncommon Woman


Laura Frantz








363 pages


This novel is set in the 1770s on Virginia’s western frontier, prior to becoming the state of West Virginia. The frontier at this time was a dangerous place where Indian uprisings were common.  Due to the dangers to settlers, forts were necessary as protection for them during uprisings. The book introduces Tessa who, along with her five brothers, works the family farm. She is not your common everyday woman.  When she is young, she witnesses the kidnapping of her best friend and neighbor by Indians, so the brutal nature of frontier life is portrayed well.  

Clay Tygart comes onto the scene as the fort commander.  Raised by Indians, he is well acquainted with the culture and its dangers. A set of surprise circumstances involving Tessa’s kidnapped friend are heart wrenching, showing the tense situations under which these people often lived.  And though Clay is not interested in any romantic entanglement, he is tested to his limit when Tessa is kidnapped. The daily difficulties faced in this novel build up the action that makes this a novel difficult to put down. The action is swift and often painful to process, but it is well worth the read.


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

High school and above

Christian Impact:

The Christian impact is well done.

Other Notes (Optional):

There is some graphic violence typical of the setting.

An Uncommon Woman

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