Is It Any Wonder: A Nantucket Love Story

Reviewed by:

Edna Johnson of Faith Baptist in Winfield, IL


Is It Any Wonder


Courtney Walsh



Release Date:

April 6, 2021




379 pages


A young couple are torn apart by the death of his father. Each blames himself for the death. Now they find themselves back in Nantucket. They are forced to work together on a project for the Coast Guard as he was a member.

Both are encouraged by a wonderful older lady. However, she is dying. Hard feelings by the couple’s remaining parents try to keep them apart. Forgiveness finally brings them back together. Excellent storytelling.


Rating: 5

Suggested audience:

Young adult to adult

Christian impact:

A good moral story but not a lot of true Christian belief.


Is It Any Wonder (Nantucket Love Story #2)

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