All My Knotted-Up Life, a Memoir

Reviewed by
Mary Clapp, former church librarian

All My Knotted-up Life, a Memoir
Beth Moore
Tyndale Audio
Publication Date:
8 hours


This is the story of Beth Moores life from birth to current day. Many will remeber Beth from her Bible Studies for women, her many speaking events and her previous books. This is a very personal account of her life. It is captivating and actually seems more like fiction, only these events really took place. Beth recounts many funny as well as heartbreaking events in her life, and she related how God brought her through each situation. She also reaveals how she was called into minsitry, and what it was like to be a women serving in ministry to other women. Beth gives details about her mariage not previously shared. She touches on the controversies of more recent years. All of which she tells in a captivating and interesting way,

I highly recommend this biography in the audiobook format. It is read by the author, and Beth really brings her story to life in a way not possible in print format.

Rating (1 to 5):
Suggested Audience:
This book would appeal to those who have followed Beth Moores ministry and are interested in her personal life.

Christian Impact:
The author makes frequent references to God’s faithfulness and direction through out her entire life.

This title is also available in print format,



All My Knotted-Up Life: A Memoir



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