All the lost places

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Beth Swanson, voracious reader


All the lost places


Amanda Dykes


Bethany House

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398 pages


All the lost places is set in dual time zones, 1904 and 1807. The story begins in the canals of Venice with a baby floating down the canal in a basket like Moses. That baby is discovered by an artisan guild who take him in and raise him as their own child and he becomes a skillful artisan in each of the trades that the artisans excel at. Sebastien Trovato is that boy and like many adoptees, he questions where he came from and why. Later a woman washes ashore and he begins to put the pieces together but he must make a choice that will affect many, not just himself.

Travel forward to 1904 and Daniel Goodman feels his life has a new beginning with the new beginning of a century. Daniel is sent to Venice to obtain and then do the translation of a rare book. Daniel finds many mysteries, and the city itself, filled with hope and destruction reminds him of his own life. This rare book connects him to Sebastien Trovato and a web of mysteries.

This is an interesting story weaving the past and present. Mystery, puzzle solving and a bit of romance are all parts of this intriguing story.


4 out of 5

Suggested audience:

18 and up

Christian impact:

The story starts with a baby floating down the water in a basket like Moses.


All the Lost Places

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