The Metropolitan Affair

Reviewed by:

Beth Swanson, voracious reader


The Metropolitan Affair (On Central Park) 


Jocelyn Green


Bethany House

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394 pages


It is the roaring 20’s in New York City. When Dr. Lauren Westlake’s father’s invitation to accompany him on an Egyptian expedition never comes to fruition, Lauren decides to make her own way there. Her position makes that easier than for the average Egyptian aficionado-she is the assistant curator of Egyptology at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Then surprisingly, her father’s invitation arrives asking her to come to Egypt for a new expedition as his colleague.  But at the same time, Lauren has a chance to mingle with some of New York’s wealthiest, victims of art fraud.

With the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, a mania for anything Egypt is sweeping New York. But an art forger of the highest caliber is defrauding many and Detective Joe Caravello is determined to hunt him down, helped along the way with the expertise of Dr. Westlake.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Age 17 and up

Christian impact:

Always remember who our one true God is.

Also includes:

-author note

-discussion questions


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