The Best Summer of Our Lives

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Rennetta Mickelson, book discussion member


The Best Summer of Our Lives


Rachel Hauck


June, 2023


Bethany House




384 pages


The Best Summer is a provocative tale of four apparently inseparable friends who discover they have become part of the inescapable odyssey which replaces childhood dreams with the vagaries of adulting. Fractures in their relationships occur through their personal choices and long-held family secrets. Facing fears, regrets, lack of acceptance without the protective covering the group dynamic provided; each young woman now must learn about recognizing her own uniqueness, about the source of authentic covering found solely through personal relationship with God, as well as about the transcending value of freely forgiving those they believe may have betrayed them.

The style of this Rachel Hauck novel was a bit unexpected yet enjoyable. The characters had personalities that were nicely fleshed out, the various mysteries added intrigue along the way and actual news stories from the day, which were interwoven into the tale, sparked additional dramatic interest.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Fans of Christian contemporary fiction

Christian impact:

A personal relationship with God as the answer to our needs is an important part of this story.


The Best Summer of Our Lives

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