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Though None Go with Me

(Video Review) Though None Go With Me

A young woman wants to move to California to pursue music with her boyfriend. She stops by her grandmother’s house to pick up some money for the trip, but her grandmother insists on telling her childhood love stories.

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God's Not Dead

(Video Review) God’s Not Dead

A collage freshman is taking a philosophy class and is asked to admit that God is dead. This young man happens to be a Christian and refuses to say that God is dead. In return the professor, as a mocking joke, asks him to prove God is alive.

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Finding Normal

(DVD Review) Finding Normal

Dr. Lisa Leland is use to a fast-paced life as a general surgeon in Los Angeles, and looking forward to getting married and slowing down by being a doctor on call for the rich in the Hamptons. On her way to visit her fiancé, Lisa gets pulled over in the town of Normal, Louisiana, and, unable to pay her speeding ticket, is sentenced to three days of community service as a doctor to the townspeople. Three days in the small town, meeting new people and experiencing a different way of life, cause Lisa to re-examine her views of life, work, faith, and love.

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History Channel's "The Bible" DVD Series

(DVD Review) “The Bible” Miniseries by the History Channel

This impressively legitimate and well-produced re-telling of many of the Bible’s most famous and important stories, available on DVD, was originally run on the cable television network “The History Channel,” over five consecutive Sunday nights in March 2013.

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