Smoke screen

Reviewed by:

Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long-time book discussion leader



Smoke screen


Terri Blackstock


Thomas Nelson





338 pages


Teenage love and parents who disapprove for different reasons. A fight between fathers, then a murder, then a church that is burned to the ground. One father is dead, the other in prison for his murder yet claiming he is innocent. And did his son really torch the church because his father was convicted? What really happened and does it matter today, years later?

It does matter to Nate and Brenna. Their long-ago teenage romance has ended but a new stronger relationship is being built when Nate returns to town to see his father, newly released from prison. Can their connection last if the murder of Brenna’s pastor father hangs over them? Did Nate’s father actually kill her dad? Can they find the truth even after the years that have passed? And who destroyed the church? Being a smokejumper caused fingers to point at Nate but he knows he had nothing to do with it. And adding to this mix is Brenna’s fight for custody with her ex-husband, now running for mayor and hoping to give the impression of a perfect family with his new wife.

Can Brenna learn to trust Nate and trust the Lord, giving up her crutch of alcohol and turning to her Creator for her needs and desires?


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

Fans of Christian suspense, particularly Blackstock’s books

Christian Impact:

Trust, in others and in the Lord and His love and care for you

Other Notes:

-includes discussion questions

Smoke Screen

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