Almost a Bride

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Edna Johnson of Faith Baptist Church, Winfield, IL


Almost a Bride (Bride Ships)


Jody Hedlund


Northern Lights Press

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307 pages


Kate Millington is a believer but can she wait to see if the man she really loves will give himself to the Lord? Kate has arrived on a bride ship in British Columbia and is soon engaged. But staying engaged seems to be the problem. Zeke Hart is an old friend who is trying to protect Kate from all the men vying for her attention. Since Zeke owns a successful gold mine, someone is trying to kill him as a means to get the mine. Their lives become known to each other as they survive a mine blast. But Kate still has to wait on the Lord for a man who shares her faith.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Adult – anyone interested in history and settling of British Columbia.

Christian impact:

It shows the need to be faithful to the Lord.









Almost a Bride (The Bride Ships, #4)

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