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Spirit and Sacrament

Andrew Wilson is a call to all Christians to consider two of the most dynamic expressions of Christian worship, historically kept separate, and bring them together to fully embody what it means to worship as a modern Christian. This combining of the Eucharistic sacramental worship style of liturgical churches and the charismatic-evangelical worship style of typical modern churches Wilson terms “Eucharismatic.”

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A Change of Affection

This memoir plunges readers into one man’s poignant journey out of identifying as a homosexual to receiving identity as a child of God. Cook’s transparency and convictions deepen readers’ understanding of the nature of homosexuality and the implications of the gospel for this issue. Cook dives into the crux of this cultural controversy by addressing the heart issues from a biblical standpoint.

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(Book Review) Kierkegaard: A Single Life

Søren Kierkegaard was born into a large, wealthy family in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 5, 1813. He grew into an awkward but witty boy, often infuriating his teachers and classmates alike. His father, although at times distant and depressed, encouraged his sons to think deeply and defend what they believed. After spending some time in the university, Kierkegaard began writing books. He explored many important theological topics and defended his views on them regardless of the opposition from Denmark’s established church. Most of his ideas were underappreciated in his day, but many of them are now studied throughout the modern world.

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